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Whether you are an owner, trainer competitor (or all of these) of a performance or trail horse, you always need equipment and tack that gets the job done!  Long-lasting, tough and functional equipment can be hard to find.

Our tack room includes  new gear for the serious competitor, for heavy work or heavy showing -- -- by Chavez™, Champion™, Circle Y™, Tex™, Tan™, Victor™, Kathy's™, Martin™ and Windmill™ to name a few.

Another part of the tack room is devoted to Vintage headstalls, breast collars, reins and a select number of saddles.

We offer vintage and new silver harness buckles, conchos and bits, made in Mexico or in the USA.  If you need to replace a missing or damaged buckle or concho overlay, sterling plated and silver on iron buckles and conchos and some of the long-time silversmiths are Fleming, Vogt, Moran -- you get the idea!

We usually have a good supply of fly sheets, Big D cotton sheets, wool and wool blend saddle pads and web halters with leads.

Our supply of headstalls, reins and breast collars changes, so if you see something you like drop an email note to us right away.


You can reach Angel at sales@horsepowersaddleandtack.com


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